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Making of a M'Lady

The Process

This simple bag is made from scratch in our London factory. There are too many processes to show visually here, but following is a list detailing the route of the Loretta bag from our M'Lady group. The factory that makes these frames is unique in the UK. They have developed and built their machinery over the last 25 years in the industry.


1. Raw steel is knurled to make a ridged surface and then bent to make a channel.

2. 7 different welds add the legs, catches and any rings for straps.

3. The brass catch is cut polished and embossed.

4. The whole frame is lacquered to protect the finish on the metal.

5. The leather is checked for scarring and laid on the cutting board.

6. The 1st cut is made of the main leather.

7. 1st cut is made of the suede lining.
8. The main leather is skived on the edges to reduce bulk.

9. The lining and main leather are lami- nated together.

10. 2nd cut is made to finish the panels to the final size.

11. Cut edges of the leather are hand painted with sealant.

12. The logo is embossed on the pocket panel.

13. The panels are stitched together and side panels are hammered to persuade them to pleat evenly.

14. The frame is pinched onto the top edges of the bag.

15. The bag is given a quality check and any loose threads are cleaned off.

16. Finally the bag is polished, packed with paper and put into a bag with protective duster bag.