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Introducing Calvert Leather

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Materials of all kinds have always been my bag, and I have spent hours over the years matching and contrasting them. I feel that the vegetable tanned leather that we are using for this season pretty much epitomises the strongest of our looks. It is tactile, warm, individual and strong and it contrasts well with the strength of our simple and clean hardware. We have decided after a fairly long engagement to commit to it as our signature leather.

We are calling it Calvert Leather after Calvert Avenue, our home for the past 17 years. Calvert Leather is Italian vegetable tanned, a preserving process that uses the acidic tannins found primarily in the Quebracho and Mimosa tree barks. Only 10% of leathers in the world are preserved in this way. After dying the hides are squeezed as dry as possible and then tumbled in large drums, making them flexible and characteristically grainy. The dyes used in Calvert are all natural and each has it’s own characteristics. Because there is no pigmented finish on the leather each piece will age and patinate to it’s own individual finish.

The images are from a visit we took to the leather tanneries in the small town of San Miniato in the Italian region of Tuscany. You can read about it here.

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