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Ally Capellino invite you to a Valentine’s card-making workshop with London based printers, Harrington & Squires on the 11th & 12th February from 6:30-8pm.

Harrington & Squires will introduce the letterpress printing process and guests will print their own card designs using emoticon and punctuation block designs.


Complimentary cocktails will be made by Ally Martin, one of Bacardi legacy’s ‘three most promising’ from London bar Peg + Patriot. A crisp concoction of lemon, dill, Bacardi & almond syrup.


Tickets are £8 each and are limited to 12 people per evening. All proceeds will go to the children’s charity  The Art Room.

To book the workshop at our Portobello shop on Wednesday 11th February please click here

To book the workshop at our Calvert shop on Thursday 12th February please click here







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