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Our Favourites


What do you do at Ally Capellino?

My role is production manager and I have been here for 7 years. I work with our factories in the UK and Europe, to help them produce the collection each season. It often means travelling to see them if there are any hiccups with leather or fittings. I love working with the people that actually make the bags. I also co-ordinate all our special projects and collaborations, like AO for Apple bags, Tate gallery and Norse Projects.  

What was your first AC piece?

My first AC piece was a leather bucket bag called Sadie in a slate blue, Italian Stonewash leather that we have used for the AW13 Zippy group. It's very slouchy and the leather has aged beautifully. I always get compliments when I use it!

Your picks of the AW13 season?

My pick of the AW13 season is Billie in mint. I cycle to work, so I have a few Ally rucksacks but this is my favourite so far and it's great to have one in leather. It's very comfortable and so far has kept everything dry in the rain! I love Dino in green as well.  


What's your all time favourite AC piece? 

Favourite piece would be my namesake Vanessa from AW07 in dark green. It's a classic shape, can carry all my clutter and again, the veg tanned leather has worn in nicely. I can also wear it cross body for cycling. 


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