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What do you do at Ally Capellino?

I run the show at Ally Capellino - firstly though, I'm in charge of design.

What are you wearing from this season's collection?

I have Billie in the white leather, it's been travelling with me all season, and it has good glow in the dark factor on the bike. It's completely changed my wardrobe. I've been wearing lots of pale colours and have even bleached my hair. I had four of my favourite bags pinched out of the boot of a car at the beach in Italy this summer, so I had to replace my old favourite Dave. I've gone for Freddie in the tan colour - it's doing a good job and I love this colour.

What's your all time favourite AC piece?

I'm most proud of Frank, and I've had them in several versions - this season we have the ultimate Frank, all made in leather. It's a real luxury number.

Your picks of the AW13 season for Christmas gifts?

I love the hand knitted scarves and hats and also the plaited belts, they are cleverly made with no joins. I'm on my third Simon wash-bag now, one was stolen, one had a bottle of nail varnish spilt in it and then I just fancied a new one - I use them on every trip and I think they are a great gift.

What are your plans for the Christmas and New Year break?

I'm going to cook the turkey at my parents in Yorkshire - my mum can look after the bread sauce. Afterwards I'm going to India for a couple of weeks of Yoga and jungle adventures.

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