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What do you do at Ally Capellino?

I'm the professional doodler at AC, adding bits of entertainment and animations (GIFs) on the website. The rest of the time is taken up with the actual design and function of the website, the seasonal look books, a recent redesign of our brand logo and packaging, plus any other graphics work that's thrown my way. When I'm not at AC I'm freelance at thehamish.com.

What was your first AC piece?

I've had a Frank since the first hand me down was donated a few years ago (Ally is my mum), my first name is Frank confusingly!

Your picks of the AW13 season?

I admire the iDris camera bag in the Luxe Wax group, and the Warren plaited belt would look very fetching round my ever expanding tummy line.

What's your all time favourite AC piece?

Fletcher my wallet is great too, because it's so small it has
helped me to throw out lots of crap!

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