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Shop Manager

Job Description
The Shop Manager is responsible for leading the Ally Capellino Shop in all aspects, from sales to profit and the brand building functions of the Ally Capellino. Among other things this responsibility includes; sales, customer handling, staff, display, administration and stock management. The Shop Manager is responsible for the sales and the results of the store and reports to the Retail Manager.

Leading and planning the daily work and operations in the shop.
Lead, train and managing the store staff employees.
Responsible for securing that the shop generates sales and provides excellent customer service.
Recruiting suitable staff.
Securing that the store is presentable and has the appropriate stock of merchandise.
Guiding and aiding the customer.
Analyzing the sales figures and other key figures and taking the required actions.
Administrative duties such as reporting and communicating with Head Office.


Skills required
Solid retail background with  management experience.
Experience of training people in sales and service.
Sales driven and results oriented.
Organised and service minded.
Proficiency in Excel / Word / Outlook.
Passionate about Fashion

How to apply
Please provide a CV and covering letter outlining why you’d be suitable for the position and why you’d like to work at Ally Capellino and send to:hannah@allycapellino.co.uk