Gosh, the British Museum is amazing isn’t it.

That roof and the light that it lets in are stunning.


But Rodin,

The Elgin Marbles, although they are not mentioned by that name in the exhibition are really the stars of the show. The Marbles, originally from the C5th BC have survived a lot and some of the carvings are very detailed and revealing of clothing at that time

When Lord Elgin brought the Parthenon Sculptures to England in the early 1800s, he asked Antonio Canova to restore them and replace the missing parts. The sculptor refused, saying that the fragments were the touchstone of authenticity for Ancient Greek Sculpture.

Rodin also found appeal in the fragments shaped by time. His passion for antiquity led him to amass a huge collection of over 6000 pieces. They inspired him to see the essential torso of a body as a complete and modern subject matter

­It’s no surprise that Rodin was tempted to London to study these works; and their influence is strongly evident.


Here he is working in the studio




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