Joplin Metallic Leather Pouch in Mint

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After much demand, Joplin is back for your Laptop and Documents. It fits a 13inch Laptop inside and then all your other stuff fits in the outside zip pocket.

Metallic on the front and leather on the back, this will cheer you up every time you grab it. And don't be afraid to use it as a clutch bag when you don't need to take your tech.

Joplin comes in Mint and Peach. Smaller pouches and purses and a Key Lanyard available also, search for Jan, Big Jan and Kamal.

Leathers with metallic finishes should not be used roughly. Whilst the metal foil is a permanent finish, heavy use could mean that there is slight wearing off on corners or parts that are constantly under friction. A bit of hide food or leather polish will help to keep it clean and supple. 

 -The Joplin measures 35.5 x 25 x 1.5cm




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