A Visit To The Welsh Countryside


Karen Birkin is an artist. Her visceral paintings of landscapes and country life are closely tied to her experience of living in North Wales.
Karen's husband Andrew Birkin is a multitalented writer, filmmaker, and photographer. Taschen published his book “Jane & Serge: A Family Album". An intimate perspective of Andrew's sister, Jane Birkin and her former partner, the musician Serge Gainsbourg.
Karen shared stories of her favourite places at their home in Wales.

The Beach

There is a path to the beach from the top of the hill. It’s always exciting when the weather looks promising and we decide to head down there for the day. The children play zombies and we chase them. They climb up ladders and zip wires and lock each other in prisons with trapdoors. There are owls nesting in the towers of the bridge. Tom always wears a backpack full of water pistols and provisions like crisps.

Tree Houses & Lake

We go down through the woods to play at the tree houses. It’s more sheltered there than where we live at the top of the hill where it is always breezy.

The Reed Bed

There’s a pathway through the reed bed and when you’re in amongst the whispering reeds you feel like you are at sea. It’s just reeds and sky and birds and insects. Before I lived here I never noticed the sky… now my paintings are full of clouds and horizon lines.

All photographs by Andrew Birkin.

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