All New - The Art Class

Excited to find that the skills of life drawing are never entirely lost, we decided that the Art Class should be the theme of the new season. A bag can be a handy piece of disguise when you have lost your clothing, so we have looked at the idea through the eyes of a life model, some students, and their tutor.
The class that I attended was held in the dark, and slightly grimy, basement of a club in Dalston. But the Ally Capellino version is bright white, focusing on the students and their bags, and not quite so much on the attributes of our very confident life model. Moody, dreamy, focused or bored; skilled, talented, driven or laboured, the class of AW18 are a mixed bunch of individuals all with a style of their own.
For this class they have all agreed to dress in a single colour or at least tonal. They see it as a social experiment and relevant to their studies. 
The first 2 students are sporting this season's Frank backpack in Chalky Pink and Flame Orange. Follow the story throughout the season to learn more about these characters and what they fill their bags with! What will you carry in yours?
Discover the new season of Waxed Cotton here.

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