Ally Capellino products are meant to be used and loved, because of the many natural fabrics and dyes used in their production, the evidence of their aging is one of the hallmarks of the brand. Cottons may fade a little and eventually fray, metalwork can also be proof of how much you like to use bags, as the surface of the plating gradually wears down. Veg tan leathers can darken and will become smooth and polished in your hands, while regular zipping and unzipping can eventually wear away either the teeth or the ribbon of a zip. We take it as compliment that you love them enough to think of mending them rather than getting rid of them.

The wear and tear of bags varies from person to person and within the first year of use we will repair or replace for free. After that we can increase the lives of most bags and take on a variety of repairs. If you would like a quote for a repair please send photos and details for us to assess.  Customer care not 24 hours, we use humans.