Back-pack-pop-up at Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross

Trains, clubs, drugs and prostitution

It’s not that long ago that the area surrounding Kings Cross was almost a no-go area with a run down and dirty image and surrounded by hotels you might not want to stop in.


The area came together under the hardworking Victorians with the two great railways and their stations, linking the Regents canal, the gasworks and later the first underground making London the most advanced capital in Europe.   The wars wreaked havoc and poor housing meant that the area went unloved. Who would remember all the intricate brickwork and cast-iron frameworks under years of blackening smoke?

     The transport links and the location mean that the place had to make a come-back and from the introduction of the Eurostar onward, the motion has been unstoppable.
Now we’re all piling in, The Guardian, Google, Facebook, and St Martins have endorsed it and the vision has been led and driven by Argent the developers of the whole area.


At micro level Ally Capellino is rubbing up against the beautifully restored buildings in the Thomas Heatherwick designed Coal Drops Yard with a pop-up celebrating the Backpack.

It’s an exciting association for us to be involved with and we are happy to be in a place that is full of independent brands, that are wider than fashion and that share many of our values. Travel and function are key cornerstones of Ally Capellino so being in a place that is a key communication hub seems wholly appropriate for us.

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