It's a Bag's Life

From the inception of the Ally Capellino bag collection in 2000, great care has been taken to design durable bags and accessories. Using beautiful, hard wearing materials that are a joy to wear on repeat. Making pieces that age with grace; using leather that softens, wax cottons that gain the patina of daily use and travel bags that reflect the trips you take, AC bags are built to last and designed so they can be maintained and repaired at the Calvert Avenue store if needed. 

This week we are taking a look at the zips.

If you are wearing a backpack on a daily basis then the zip is probably going back and forth 30 or more times a day. That somewhat over 10,00 times a year. New zips can feel slightly resistant to use as the teeth have exactly cut corners and are close fitting, but after a while they will become super smooth as the edges on the metal are gradually worn down. BUT – they won’t go on for ever and of the bags are too tightly or heavily loaded. Then they will give. 




We can supply new zips to the tops of hoy, mini hoy, Frank, Frances and Fin. We can also do the front pocket zip and reflective strip on Hoy and Mini Hoy. Frank has been a mainstay of the collection since 2007 and this dark brown colour way was run in 2010 1nd 2011. Making this bag 12 or 13 years old.

This is iGor a backpack that was made between 2011 – 2014 and sold with our ao collection, made

exclusively for Apple. It was one of not many bags made to accommodate their 17” laptop. Ally is eternally grateful to Andre Armstrong at Apple for mentoring her through the development of that collection. Before 2006 if anyone had a laptop that they wanted to transport there was no possibility of buying a bag from a fashion shop, it would mean something ugly from the tech shops on Tottenham Court Road.

One of them went to Jonathan Ives.


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