Waxed Cotton - The Ally Capellino Staple



British Waxed Cotton is an Ally Capellino favourite. A fabric originally developed to keep seafarers dry is redefined for modern use. Initially oiled, the handle and look have some similarity to vegetable tanned leathers, the oils softening and subduing the colours.  


We work with our supplier Halley Stephenson in Dundee, to develop and increase both the sustainability and individuality of the Waxed Cottons we use. In recent seasons we have introduced some very specific colours to the collection. Gooseberry, Lilac and Dusty Pink could not be achieved with the original heavily waxed fabric so we began to use a new quality that has a drier handle with a nice crispness. It has similar proofing qualities to the original, but the proofing is baked into the fabric. We continue to look at different weights, different finishes and waxes, always with a view to lightening the environmental impact.





Halley Stevenson is a BCI approved supplier. Put simply, the BCI aims to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.





Our Waxed cotton bags can be seen around in many shapes and sizes, all well loved, and many still going strong years after purchase, longevity of use is something we are very proud of. Frank is the beacon, the original. Several dedicated fans out there collect each new colour and pride themselves in knowing the details of each inside and out. We look forward to sharing more innovation and sharing photos from a recent visit to Halley Stephenson. 




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