Fin v. Fin

We take a look at our most popular backpack - the Fin , and compare the benefits of two versions, waxed cotton versus recycled ripstop. 

You may not know this but Finn was born from the belly of a mummy/daddy bag. Before backpacks were a thing only totes hung from buggies or strollers in all the best organic street markets. 

We turned it on its side we took some of the aspects of the famous Frank; lined it with a waterproof fabric; gave it many, many pockets; put a keyholder inside and even managed to fit in a laptop section. 

No, not everyone has a baby but we soon found out that that was ok because Fin still works brilliantly as a daily work bag or even as an over nighter.


So what’s the difference - its mostly in the fabric.  

The original waxed cotton is a traditional British fabric developed to keep dry ancient mariners but updated with a modern ‘hybrid aero’ proofing. The ripstop fabric is a recycled polyester, maybe made from an old bottle once bobbing on the waves and in a construction developed in the military to be strong and lightweight.  

The waxed cotton has a more organic feel and look and with exposure to light and wear will soften and fade in an elegant way. The ripstop on the other hand will remain as perky as when you put it on.   

The insides of each bag are the same, deep and voluminous internal pockets accommodate tech bits and pieces, packed lunches or wet nappies. The large zip up pocket keeps the iPad hidden, or passport safe, there’s also a place for keys and, on the sides, two bottle holder pockets. The wide top opening means that access and visibility is not a problem - everything can be seen straight away.  

There is a bit of difference weight wise with the waxed cotton, the more beefy with its leather base at 950g, as well as the heavier weight of the cotton, whereas the Ripstop is 800g.

On the comfort from , both have wide webbing straps and a padded back section plus webbing top handle. 

There are all the telltale points on both that reassure you of who designed it. The beautifully finished working strap and buckles with hand cut oval punch holes that help the prong lie flat. The reinforcement provided by the rivets with leather washers and not to forget the tiny but important AC logo embroidered on the bottom left corner. 

Ripstop fabric is made from a recycled polyester fabric i.e. it may have already had a life as a plastic bottle bobbing on the sea.

The ripstop construction owes its origin to the military. The ribbed construction means that a lighter weight fabric can be achieved as the strength of the heavier ribs would prevent ripping in.

silk parachutes made like this mean that a lot of very fine fabric could be folded into a tiny pack. For us the benefit is in its light whiteness lightweight qualities its strength and its resilience as a fabric.

‘Fashion-forward individuals will appreciate this pack for its timeless design. It’s understated, but in the best ways.’

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