What is Waste You Want?

Founder of Ally Capellino with the SS22 Waste You Want collection

What is Waste You Want?

Waste You Want is an idea to use up the ends of lines of materials. It could be over production of fabric or leather, a colour that we dropped or sampling that we didn’t develop. Over the years we’ve built up quite a library of leftovers.

Our aim with this project is to put together materials that haven’t previously been seen side by side, bringing some new moods to familiar shapes and styles. Each piece is produced in small numbers, limited by the availability of the materials, by nature making it very exclusive limited edition. Putting the want in waste! The intention is work across the range rather than sticking to any particular group.

Ally Capellino SS22 Waste You Want Collection

What can we expect from Waste You Want this season?

This season we got happy with some really joyous colours on some small leather pieces. Two colourways of our Pete card holder look irresistible with swimming pool blue, tan and orange mixed together. Besides that, there’s the Etty and the Arty belt with the same colours differently configured and the favourite Kamal key holder.

As well as that, Leila, our perennial favourite crossbody bag looks snappy in very clean putty or denim blue, both sharpened with black bridle leather trim.

What is your favourite piece from this collection?

Kamal. He is THE sign that you're in the Ally Capellino club by the way!

Waste You Want Tri-Colour Kamal Leather Key Lanyard in Blue
Waste You Want Tri-Colour Kamal Leather Key Lanyard in Blue Detail

What’s next for Waste You Want?

When we run out of our waste, I want to start thinking about collaborating with other brands or suppliers who might want to work on a project with us.

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