British Waxed Cotton

Waxed Cotton is the Ally Capellino signature group recognised for its functional and contemporary design. The robust, British Cotton is combined with a waxed finish to make this group of bags and unisex Backpacks, functional and authentic. 

Ally Capellino rucksacks come with Italian bridle leather straps. 

All bags are water-resistant and durable, casual but design-led.  This traditionally manufactured water resistant British Waxed Cotton fabric was originally developed for mariners from as early as the 15th Century. The Hybrid Aero waxed cotton is a robust Waxed Cotton with a water based finish applied. This gives the fabric a dry handle, with no transfer and can be cleaned with a damp sponge, so for many users it has the look and feel of a traditional wax but with far easier care and maintenance characteristics. 

 The performance of the fabric is equal to the traditional waxed cotton and the Aero finish gives the fabric a slightly worn/distressed look which adds to the character of the fabric.The dyes used on these cotton fabrics are not as stable as on synthetics and some gradual fading can be expected from exposure to light.Always allow the item to dry thoroughly after use, in a cool, airy environment. Never pack away damp.Beware of colour transfer from the leather on base onto lighter coloured clothing or fabrics and vice versa.

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