Sustainability and fair play are qualities expected of Ally Capellino. and they are definitely aspirations baked into the design ethics of the company. They’ve always been so, but, over the past few years it has become necessary to demonstrate how and what each brand is doing for the cause

We can’t claim to be 100% sustainable, but we can describe the efforts that a very small company makes towards that goal. 


The bags and accessories really do last a long time, because they are well built, but also because they have a classic timeless design which is recognised and loved by our customers. We are proud to hear so often of them being passed down generations in families. The right care and use of bags can extend the life of many AC products.


Our repairs service is becoming more skilled and prepared for some of the challenges that customers bring in. Bags handed down through generations or worn every day for over 10 years can have replacement zips or linings. All within reason and at the discretion of the manager. Contact here to make an enquiry. 


Our materials are fairly plain, honest and straightforward, they don’t masquerade as something that they’re not. Recently we have been able to move all our manmade fabrics to recycled, sources, either from plastic bottles or marine plastics. Hemp is a fibre that is underused and yet incorporates many of qualities that we are interested in, sustainable production, strong product, and versatile. It’s a continuing project after the association with Margent Farm in 2021


Leathers are practically all veg tanned hides from the area in Tuscany that specialises in the quality of curing, tanning and finishing that we have as a minimum standard. They are all signed up to the Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata Al Vegetale


Waxed cottons are sourced mostly from UK suppliers and as far as possible are from organically produced cottons. The black is all organic. 


Waste-U-Want is an initiative to use up ends of lines, ends of rolls or other scraps in order not to waste materials. Ally revels in the wartime make do and mend nature of this project as well as the idea of a more restricted brief that sometimes has great outcomes. 


Shipping is one of the difficult ones, all bulk production is by sea or in consolidated overland routes but when we ship items individually to our customers we are as guilty as the rest of the world.

Packaging we can be more in control of with almost all plastic packaging eliminated. We wrap customers packages in tissue and brown paper.

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