Kate Amery X Ally Capellino Window Installation

The new Tan small leather goods are now on line and the real thing is available to touch in store. 

 Take care in the sun and get a tan wallet instead. 

Kate Amery is a visual artist and RCA graduate creating thought provoking sculptures from waste plastics. After seeing her work and understanding her passion for reducing, re-using or repurposing waste materials we agreed on this collaboration to showcase the new small leather goods collection from Ally Capellino.

Kate’s translucent white pieces, created entirely from plastic bags, bottle tops, fruit trays, plastic straws and water bottles contrast starkly against the warmth of the leather colours. The accessories fight their way free of the strangle hold of the plastic tangle in a reference to the out-of-control swamps of waste plastics that are threatening the security of our planet. 

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